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Related projects

Diseño de producto para customizar mobiliario con piezas geométricas de madera.
Product design project to customize furniture with wood geometric pieces.

Spring Market Event

Grafismo para el evento “Spring Market”, mercadillo que se da cita una vez al año en Madrid.

muguT-shirt / by Pakrolsky

MuguT-shirt by Pakrolsky.
Limited Edition Cotton Bureau


Mugutu personal branding & graphic projects.


Logo & Branding design for the swedish electronic/techno club “Bananarama”.


Diseño de identidad para la compañía de viajes de lujo Luxcooltour. // Website and branding design for Luxury travel company Luxcooltour.


Website design and identity design for Checkmate Ideas Studio.

Madrid Architecture Guide

Client asked for an architecture guide to be used by sweden students in their travel to Madrid.